Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ashraf Semwogerere is back with Movie

Local film maker Ashraf Ssimwogerere, seems to be holding on to his passion of making films. And as the Uganda Martyrs’ Day draws near, he is about to release his latest production, Mukajanga which he also calls The passion of Uganda martyrs. The film was shot in Kyagwe County, Mukono District with a cast and crew of 64 members and a Shs8.5m production budget, though they had drawn a Shs22m budget.

The plot concerns the team of Buganda royals, who were taken away by the Christian and Muslim faiths, and rebelled against Kabaka Mwanga. The ruthless king can’t believe that his subordinates have turned away from him, and so orders that they should be burnt.

There are several scenes in here that will make you cry, as well some humorous moments but those are few. The characters have mastered their roles, and yes, I can say that acting is somewhat convincing. Ssimwogerere plays Mukajanga, the ruthless royal army commander. He did the part justice. This movie will premiere at Theatre La Bonita on June 2 at 7p.m. Entrance is Shs10,000.

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